ELECTRICAL GADGET REPAIR                      Reg. Fee-1800.00                    DURATION:  300 HOURS


                                               DETAILED SYLLABUS


























































































(a) Brief history, necessity, and scope of the trade

(b) Specification/ types / Make of Tools, equipment, raw material and consumables

(c) Use, Care and maintenance of tools & equipment.

(d) Safety precautions and first aid




a.    Demonstration, Familiarize, Selection, Usage and Maintenance of Tools /Machines/ Equipments

b.    Practice Health & Safety


Methods/ Processes


a) Install, service and repair all kinds of electrical home appliances

b) Repair and rectification of an automatic electric iron, servicing and repairing of mixer, ceiling and table fan.

c)  Assemble and install a fluorescent6 lamp. Thermostat heat controls of Automatic electric iron, steam iron, spray irons.

d) Understand home appliances like heater, iron, kettle ceiling fan, table fan, washing machine etc.

e)  Maintenance of decorative serial lamp for arequired supply voltage

f)   Assemble, connect and install a twin fluorescent lamp with accessories

g) Repair and service technique of cooking range, storage water heater, washing machines, wet grinders. Replace the heating element in a soldering.




a) General repair of heating iron, kettle, ceiling fan, table fan, washing machine etc.,

b) Test the fan capacitors.

c)  Clean and lubricate the bearing of ceiling and table fan, and check the speed.

d) Regulator of both fan.

e) Measure the insulation resistance between the terminals and body of the appliance

f)   Check the oscillator mechanisms of table fan

g) Select the fuse size according to the load of circuit

h) Dismantle and reassemble automatic iron, ceiling fn table fan cooking range, storage heater, washing machines, and wet grinders etc.

i)   Determine the number of lamps to be connected in series for particular supply voltage for making decorative serial lamp.

j)   Check the internal connections of cooking

k)  Range selector switch and circuits. Connections in different temperature arrangements

l)   Check the simple mechanical timer, small water pump of washing machines and regular service and faults.

j)      Repair of house wiring.


Quality Assurance aspects


a)    Testing and Inspection

b)    QMS/EMS




a)    Testing and Inspection

b)    Procedures for QMS


General Problems in the process


a.    Identifying bottleneck process,

b.    Costing and estimation,

c.    Communication and

d.    Remedial measures.




(a)Inviting the industrialist (preferable who has been trained

     through one of our EDP / ESDP / SDP / BSDP programmes) and

(b) sharing his experience.


Modern Methods and Competitiveness


(a)Introduction of Modern Machines / equipments/Tools/ Processes/ methods, (b) Management techniques like House keeping, Best practices available in the trade, Value Engineering etc


(a)Visit to award winning Industry.

(b)Inviting Dealers / suppliers / consultants.



§  How to become an entrepreneur

§  Understanding and developing entrepreneurial personality

§  Steps in setting up a business enterprise

§  Support available for stating an enterprise