About Us

The International Literacy Mission is driven by world development organization,who working successfully in many countries of the world. Under the Government of India are  certified by National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, erstwhile known as the DOEACC Society, is an autonomous scientific society under the administrative control of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India, Quality Council of India & The ESSC- Entrepreneurship Sector skill Council.  share with 20 - 40 % participation.And more than 100 certificate course, Training & Project Provides.Under this, especially for adult education and literacy campaigns such ambitious plans are being made to train the unemployed venture that job is administered.The organization also works out of India.The certificate issued by the very important and each place is valid in order of preference.

The International Literacy Mission is an organization poised to create a literate and employable. SAARC countries like Nepal, Bhutan, China, Burma, Sri Lanka and Pakistan to maintain friendly motivation and their uneducated undeveloped areas to work for their development by observing the "World development organization" is the entity. Anusnsadn natural disaster information centers to inform and to help individuals and as required major work &To avoid this, it is a work related training.

Environmental and social forestry by providing seminars and programs to maintain the natural balance inspires. Schools and colleges in remote areas of the country and abroad and the establishment of training centers by providing them with greater amounts of literacy and job training to bring the main object. Drugs, sex ratio and population explosion and to make people aware about how to balance training works. Its main goal is to make the world a literate.

India is also the world's largest country to bring literacy to the list of countries and for this purpose it is the largest purpose-people are on a path through (Jan Jan Sakshar Yojana) mass literacy scheme.